Saturday 8 June 2019

An Afternoon Sail with the Toronto St FX Alumni

Teena graduated from (St. Francis Xavier University [St. F.X.] in Antigonish, NS) and is a member of their alumni association. They have a yearly cruise on the tall ship, Kajama. Here are some pictures from this years sail.

Below is the Redpath sugar refinery. It's been there for years. Developers built condos beside it and now the condo owners are complaining about it. What?! You knew what you were moving next to!

It was windy and a perfect day for parasailing.

As it was windy, for the first time in the 18 years since I bought this hat, I had to put the straps down so it wouldn't blow off my head. Yes, I look like a dork.

Teena and I (hat off).

I made some new friends.

More shots of Toronto.

More partying.

The Exhibition grounds.

Here is Ontario Place, which has been closed except for the IMAX Cinesphere, which is a great place to see a movie.

Doug Ford wants to tear down these iconic buildings which were built in 1971 for the people of Ontario. If you are against tearing down this gem, please go to Ontario Place for All.

More partying.

Here are the organizers, Keegan, Rachel and John.

Here we all are. Yes, I am a tag-along but still made my way to the front to hold the banner.

It was a fun day and thanks to all who came and supported it.

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