Saturday 12 November 2016

The 2016 Gentlemen's Expo

This afternoon Teena and I were at the The Gentleman's Expo at the Toronto Convention Centre. It was our first time at the show and we didn't know what to expect. What we found was it was a lot of fun.

The afternoon crowd wasn't bad but the place really started to get crowded when we left around 6pm, not because we're old but we had a play to go to.

I like the way the beer and spirit booths were spread out around the show. Every row had one or two. There was no one specific area to have a beverage. Just pay your token, get your drink and walk around.

I started with a Canuck Pale Ale from Great Lakes Brewery.

People could try out the a bow and arrow battle game which is much like paintball but with bows and arrows.

A mixed drink area.

A had an Innis & Gunn Original. It was delicious.

Teena and I tried an Excellent Diplomatico Rum. It'll be in the LCBO and is delicious! I'll be buying some to sip on straight up.

I had a Rebel IPA from Samuel Adams.

Here I am with a Boneshaker from Amsterdam brewery, one of my favorite IPAs

Canes made from chains!

Clinique had a facial demonstration for men. I decided to give it a try.

Giuliana applied my mask.

Rick Mercer was getting one too!

He invited me over for a piece in a segment of the Rick Mercer Report which is on CBC Tuesday nights at 8pm. I hope it makes the cut for the show.

My face did fell much nicer after this treatment.

Teena and I tried a shot of Moonshine from Dixon's Distillery.

I really liked the sausage from Hank Daddy's BBQ.

Some fun things to relax on.

This bartender from King and Bay Custom Clothing was claimed to make great Manhattans but we passed.

I had a delicious IPA from Old Flame Brewing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame had a display area. Here are the Maurice Richard, Hart and Vezina trophies.

Many teams had displays. I was always a big Gordie Howe fan. This is the stick he used to score his 400th goal. Sticks are much different now.

The Toronto Maple Leaf display. The skates at the front are Frank Mahovlich's and the stick is Davy Keon's.

A tasty Monty's Pale Ale from Old Tomorrow.

A sample from Shock Top.

Jammin' on the bass!

Former Leaf's Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmore were interviewed.

Sexy undies!

We had a great time at the show. As I said, this was our first time but we plan to be back next year.

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