Friday 4 November 2016

An Evening at the Royal Winter Fair

Today Teena and I headed over to the Exhibition for this year's Royal Winter Agricultural Fair, also know just as The Royal. Torontonians just refer to it as the Winter Fair. We always enjoy it.

Lots of food. The apple dumplings in the first photo each have a whole apple in them.

Lots of tee shirt places. Teena bought a cat tee shirt for herself.

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK.

Teena bought a new wallet from here and I bought a new change holder.

There were some non-agricultural items too

Cow judging.

Good balance.

Lots of hat places too. I couldn't find one that was me, though.


I don't have this cleaning problem living in a condo.

Hay judging. Don't know what the judging criteria would be for this.

Wheat winners.

Cabbage winners.

These are huge!

Hydroponic peppers.

And, of course, there were animals.

Later was the Craft Beer Awards and, of course, we were there for that.

It was fun and we'll be back again next year.

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