Saturday 22 October 2016

The Writers Toolkit Workshop at the International Festival of Authors

This morning I attended a workshop at Toronto's International Festival of Authors called The Writers Toolkit: Improving Your Writing.

Your writing is good, but how do you make it great? In this intensive workshop, bestselling novelist Brian Francis and Simon & Schuster Editorial Director Nita Pronovost give you the insider tips and tools to take your fiction writing to the next level. 

The workshop will cover: 

  • Beats in fiction 
  • Characterization and exposition 
  • Finding your voice 
  • Avoiding unintentional repetition 
  • Points of view 
  • Showing, not telling 
  • Style and sophistication 
  • The role of an editor 
  • The acquisition process 
  • Book genres 
  • The importance of story structure 
  • Improving your prose 

At the end of the session, you’ll have valuable insight that will not only help you become a better writer, but also help get your writing noticed by industry professionals.

The workshop was to last three hours but there was so much material and many questions and discussions, we went a half hour over. That was not a problem and nobody left.

Brian and Nita did an excellent job in presenting the material and showing examples, both good and bad, on each subject.

I came away learning a lot and of those subjects I thought I knew, with a deeper understanding of them. Much of what I learned this morning will be be applied as I go forward in the book which I am currently writing and in each rewrite afterwards.

These workshops, I find, are very helpful but one of the things I enjoy most is getting together with other writers to discuss ideas and concepts.

It was a very worthwhile morning.

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