Saturday 10 October 2015

Wenona Craft Beer Lodge

Teena and I walked up to Wenona Craft Beer Lodge on Bloor W, halfway between Dovercourt and Dufferin. They call themselves "a cottage feel in the city".

They have a great selection of craft beer on tap and in bottles and cans. No big beer company or big beer subsidiaries here!

Wenona does have a nice cottage feel.

Teena and I both started with a Liberty Village Gosebuster. It was delicious. I would describe it as a sparkling ale, very light tasting, with a little touch of bitterness and sourness, with a crisp champagne type finish. It was so good that we stayed with it.

For supper, Teena ordered a Traditional Meat Pie. I went for the Aussie Import, which our server, Trish, who was great, described as the type of meal available at stores in the wee hours of the morning to be eaten while coming home from a night out at the pub. It was supposed to be similar to a tourtiere, which by coincidence, I am making tomorrow.

It was fabulous!. Nicely spiced and sooo tasty. I have only had kale once, fried kale, and found it very bitter. The kale salad that came with this was excellent. Nothing was left on the plate by the time I finished.

Trish was excellent and we had a chance to spend a few minutes with the co-owner, Phil, who was very friendly.

We definitely will be back! Too bad it wasn't closer to home. We need a place like this in our neighborhood.

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