Sunday 25 October 2015

Book Review - Good Mourning

A few weeks ago, Teena read Good Mourning and wrote a review on it, saying it was a good interesting book to read. It sounded interesting so I decided to read it myself.

In this funny, insightful memoir, a young socialite risks social suicide when she takes a job at a legendary funeral chapel on New York Citys Upper East Side.Good Mourning offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most famous funeral homes in the country where not even big money can protect you from the universal experience of grieving. It's Gossip Girl meets Six Feet Under, told from the unique perspective of a fashionista turned funeral planner.

Elizabeth Meyer stumbled upon a career in the midst of planning her own father's funeral, which she turned into an upbeat party with Rolling Stones music, thousands of dollars worth of her mother's favorite flowers, and a personalized eulogy. Starting out as a receptionist, Meyer quickly found she had a knack for helping people cope with their grief, as well as creating fitting send-offs for some of the city's most high-powered residents.

Meyer has seen it all: two women who found out their deceased husband (yes, singular) was living a double life, a famous corpse with a missing brain, and funerals that cost more than most weddings. By turns illuminating, emotional, and darkly humorous, Good Mourning is a lesson in how the human heart grieves and grows, whether you're wearing this season's couture or drug-store flip-flops.

I thought the book was fun and interesting to read. It really was two stories in one book. One is Elizabeth Meyer's issues in dealing with family, friends and co-workers after deciding to take a job at an upscale funeral home. The other is all the stories regarding the upscale clientele and some of the weirder funny, interesting stories inside the funeral business.

It is not a sad or depressing read. I really enjoyed Good Mourning and would recommend it.

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