Sunday 23 August 2015

The Second Annual Indie Boat Hop Craft Beer Cruise

This afternoon Teena and I were on the second annual Indie Boat Hop Craft Beer cruise. We were on it last year and it was a great time. The cruise was aboard the Empress Sandy.

Not that one but this one.

We met up with Teena's pal, Denyse.

Kasie, Denyse, Zeke and me. We met Kasie and Zeke for the first tome today and discovered that they are not only craft beer fans and have been at many of the same events as we have but also live in our neighborhood.

Teena and Denyse.

And of course, Teena and I.

I started with a Great Lakes Brewery and Bar Hop collaboration, Gilligan is Still Dead Saison. It was my first and favorite of the day. I had more.

Teena is ordering a West Avenue Heritage Dry Cider.

Next up was an Amsterdam Howl Saison. It too was quite good.

Toronto from the harbour.

Dancers at Harbourfront. I took this from far away.

A Bellwoods and Great Lakes collaboration, Bretallica. It too was quite nice.

Views from the ship.

Looking up Yonge Street but without Captain John's rusted hulk in the way.

A Stone City and bar Hop Gertrude, which is a Grisette, a Belgium style ale, that once was brewed to quench the first of Belgium miners. This server was a little cranky!

As much as the bay is used for pleasure craft, Toronto bay is still a working harbour.

A Fallen Idol from Indie Ale House.

Lots of boats were out on the lake.

This guy was far from shore doing his thing.

More boats and views.

A Great lakes Limp Puppet.

Today was another fabulous day out on the harbour. Teena and I love boat cruises and when they put craft beer on top of that, what could be better? Great weather, great beer and great people make for a great afternoon.

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