Friday 24 July 2015

Eva Avilia at Panamania

This afternoon I headed over to Pan Am Park at the Exhibition to see Eva Avilia, who was the winner of the fourth Canadian Idol.  In 2007, she also became the first Canadian to be the face of Maybelline, New York. Eva also did the Spanish version of the theme song for this year's Pan Am Games, Together We Are One, which in Spanish is Unidos Somo Mas.

Eva was born in Quebec but is part Peruvian. She sang Nelly Furtado's Powerless (Say What You Want), which was the song she sang in the finale of Canadian Idol that gave her the victory, her new release Bitter Meets Sweet and of course, Unidos Somo Mas.

It was a fun show. She has a great vocal range and plenty of energy. Just before her last song, she said she was proud to be Peruvian, proud to be from Quebec and proud to be Canadian. A perfect mixture for a singer at the Pan Am.

Hopefully Bitter Meets Sweet becomes a big hit for her. It was a great way to enjoy an afternoon.

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