Thursday 2 July 2015

A Visit to the CHILL Ice Lounge

Today Teena and headed out for supper, then afterwards on the way home stopped into the CHILL Ice Lounge to see what it was like. Once home, I was too lazy to do a post, so here is what she posted from her website.

Thanks, Teena!


I'd heard about the CHILL Ice Lounge (Bathurst/King W).  It opened last year and I've been wanting to check it out ... so Gord and I did this evening.

CHILL Ice House is a cool, family attraction by day and a hip ice lounge at night. Walk into CHILL and the complete environment is constructed of ice including the walls, bar, furniture and the glass you drink from! The stunning ice sculptures will feature a variety of themes so the interior is constantly changing. It is a unique experience for visitors of all ages!
Admission is $20 (less if you are a senior or a kid). A year's membership is $50.

The temperature in the lounge is -5C/23F so you are given a parka and gloves.

Are we stylin' or what!?

Kristen let us in.

Here's the lounge ... and yes, it was cold and the parkas were needed!  Everything but the ceiling and floor are made of ice!

It was really cold hugging the CN Tower!

There are a couple ice rooms in the lounge.

Right now they have a Game of Thrones theme .... here's Gord in the throne (trying to look regal).

Needless to say, our rum 'n Cokes were always cold!

There is a warm lounge in the back (the speakeasy) where you can warm up (you can bypass the ice lounge and go down the alley directly to the speakeasy).  We had another couple of rum 'n Cokes and watched some of the ball game.  They have a piano player on the weekends who entertains.

Gresham, the owner, was tending bar.  He was friendly and we had a great chat with him.

It's a fun thing to check out!

When we left, we saw Gatsby, a rescue dog, who lives upstairs.

Hey Gatsby!

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