Sunday 29 March 2015

Shopping for Beer at Depanneur AS Variety Store

After Teena and I left Dieu Du Ciel, we went around the corner to a variety store that our server had recommended, Depanneur AS. I had hoped to pick two or three decent brews but this is what we ended up toting home

What greeted us when we entered this small store was not a store packed with the usual items that variety stores carry. There is a small section for that. Instead are shelves and shelves and coolers full of craft beer. All kinds of craft beer, most of which I wanted to take home.

I started by saying that I would just choose six. Then oh, another two, oh another two. We walked out with a box of beer and more in my bag. Next time I hit this store, I'll be more prepared.

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Teena in Toronto said...

So glad they all made it home okay in our suitcases.