Saturday 28 March 2015

Hurley's Irish Pub, Montreal

Teena and I are in Montreal this weekend. We were hungry when we arrived and it was not a long trek to get a good bite to eat. Hurley's Irish Pub is right across the street so in we went. Yes, that's the moon above the sign.

The whole pub is mainly small rooms or snugs and is quite quaint, even though it was full with the pregame crowd for the Habs game.

The food was great. Teena had wings, which came full, not cut up into bits, and nachos. She liked them. I had a burger with bacon and cheddar with onion rings and really enjoyed it.

In our room was an small Irish band. Not only did they play great Irish tunes but they played them low, so it was fabulous background music while we talked and ate.

They didn't have a great beer selection, but we had a great time there.

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