Monday 29 December 2014

The ROM Part 2 - Rome, Greece and Egyptian Mummies

Today Teena and I visited the Royal Ontario Museum. Our tour through the Canada's and Dinosaur galleries were done on the post before. After leaving the dinosaur gallery, we headed upstairs where ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt were featured.

This is Yogini, a Goddess from India who supervises both nature and annihilation. She embodies the yogic ideal of a body that is at once mighty and at ease.

From Egypt.


A carved Roman marble coffin.

A piece from another Roman coffin.

Roam emperor, Septimius  Severus from 146 AD.

This bowl and lid are from 750 BC. Teena and I were amazed at the great condition these artifacts are in!

Dionysos, Roman God of Wine.

A Roman bust of Herakles from 340 BC.

A torso of Aphrodite from the 4th century BC.

This guy was doing a great job sketching the bust in front of him.

From the mid 4th century BC.

Gold wreaths from 3rd century BC, Greece.


Tiberius was not just Star Trek's Captain Kirk's middle name. It also was the name of one of Rome's greatest generals in 14 to 37 AD.

Egyptian time.


Mummy time. This one was the mummy cover of a temple singer.

This mummies name is Anjau. I could find very little about it.


This mummy was the first one in the world to get a cat scan. The museum did not want to break open the coffin as the body was loaded and sealed from the back. The CAT scan was done at Toronto's Sick Kid's Hospital.

More Egypt.


A Roman gladiator's helmet which was found in the Colosseum in Rome.

A plate in the European gallery.



We saw much more and took many more pictures. There is so much to see. I can see us going back again in the future as we likely missed as much as we saw in the four hours we were there.

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