Tuesday 2 September 2014

Our New Recumbent Cycling Machine

Teena and I used to belong to the West End YMCA but found it a hassle to get there so we dropped both our memberships.

Then Teena had an excellent idea of getting a cycling machine for home. At the gym,we both liked the ones where the pedals are out in front of you rather than below. Never knew this type had a name until Teena started searching online for recumbent bikes.

Fitness Depot had some on sale so Friday night we headed out for a look and Teena bought a Sportop B5300 Recumbent Bike. It was a floor model but in great shape. As the store is small, we knew customers would not be allowed to abuse it. We couldn't get it home in the car and just a few minutes ago it was delivered.

We decided to keep it to one side of the living room when not in use and just pull it out in front of the TV when using it. If we put it in the back room, there would be less chance of it being used. Now it's in our face and no excuse not to use it.

This will be my view while watching the ball game and getting a workout tonight.

Thanks, Teena! We'll both get a lot of use out of this!


Teena in Toronto said...

And it's got two holders so you can have a beer AND a water while you exercise :)

Swordsman said...

I'm going to use one for the remotes