Monday 28 July 2014

Spa Day at the Mosaic Spa in Fergus, Ontario

Instead of buying presents for each other on our birthdays, we take each other to the spa. It's a tradition we have been doing since we first got married.

Saturday was Teena's birthday so I took her to the Mosaic Spa in Fergus. Although it's a little plain looking on the outside, the inside is very nice.

There's even a fireplace in the sitting are for those cold days.

Teena started with a massage by Kate and I came in an hour later to have my massage with Kate while Teena had a facial. My full body massage was great and Kate took spent some extra time on my injured shoulder, which feels much better now. Thanks Kate! Teena enjoyed her massage and her facial.

Then it was time to meet up for our hot stone pedicures.

Teena picked out her colour, then took a picture of it for her blog post.

Ashlee looked after Teena's toes while Tasha did mine. We had never heard of a hot stone pedicure so tried it today. Little hot rocks are placed between all your toes, then Tasha rubbed the hot rocks into the muscles of my feet and calves. It felt great. As she ran the stone along, her fingers also dug in for a very soothing effect. I enjoyed it. Teena did too. We both would have one again!

We had a great day at the Mosaic Spa and would highly recommend it.

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