Thursday 22 May 2014

Having a Craft Beer at Longo's

I had heard that there was a craft beer bar in Longo's down at Maple Leaf Square, by the ACC and today I went in to check it out.

Going down the escalator, it looks like a regular food store. As soon as you get off the escalator, there are ready-made foods to take home but I was not interested in them.

To the left was what I was looking for. It's an interesting concept. There is an ice cream area, a Starbucks and Corks, wine and beer. You can buy pizza and other ready made foods in the store, bring it in here and have a drink. I think it's a great idea.


I have seen a few spots now that serve wine by the glass and have these kinds of setups. Almost like a draught system for wine!

Thursday night they have an interesting special.


There are lots of TVs to watch in the area but my pictures did not turn out.

I would go here again!

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