Monday 16 December 2013

Fried Kraft Dinner

I'm a fan of Kraft Dinner and always have been.

I like it when it's first made and again the next day, cold with some grated pepper on it.

Tonight, though, I wanted to try something different with the weekend's leftover KD. I thought about cracking an egg into it, making it into a patty and frying it.After a search on the web, I couldn't find anyone who has tried this but found an interesting recipe on the Kraft website.

So I followed it.

First you need cold Kraft dinner, preferably one that sat in the fridge overnight. All the recipes I saw specified this (yes, I found more than one online).  Place a little oil in the pan, just a tablespoon will do, then add the cold KD.

After the KD has been heated through, just two to three minutes, sprinkle on some roasted garlic and peppers spice. I know it sounds like I work for Kraft, but no, I don't (Kraft owns Clubhouse).  We just happened to have this spice.

I sauteed until it was heated it right through and some noodles looked a little crunchy. We have frozen meatballs in the freezer which I microwaved. It was a lazy night or I would have baked them. Add them on the side and serve with a nice glass of white wine.

A great Monday night supper! It was tasty with some noodles being a little crunchy and others being a little rubbery. A contrast of textures!

I think cooked bacon pieces would be good cooked in.

Next time, though, I going for it. Kraft Dinner Patties!