Wednesday 25 December 2013

A Visit to Ripleys Aquarium, Toronto

Ripleys Aquarium of Canada opened in mid October of this year and Teena and I have been excited about going but knew the place would be jammed every day. So we decided that while everyone else was opening presents with their kids on Christmas and then visiting family, that Christmas morning would be an excellent time to go.


The place is astounding! I was mesmerized for my entire visit. The tanks are huge and the whole place is well laid out. There are supposed to be 16,000 fish in the aquariums and I can believe it. Never could a person get so up and personal with an undersea creature without going into the water.


The creatures can be viewed from all angles, even pop up views.


There were some weird looking creatures.


There were some great creatures we hear about but don't see like the seahorse.

 The deadly electric eel. By the way, this tank was huge as was the eel!

 Speaking of deadly, a school of piranah!



There was a circular lobster tank where you could view lobsters from all round, including some rare blue ones.


And, of course, the shark! I'm doing a separate post on the sharks!


 Another unusual but very beautiful creature, the Fleshy Sea Pen. It looks like a single animal but is made up of a colony of around 40,000 creatures called polyps, each about the size of an ants leg. Amazing!

The jellyfish section was beautiful. Teena and I sat there for some time watching them


The tunnel through the Dangerous Lagoon was definitely a highlight. So much to see. I could stand there all day and watch. There is a slow rolling sidewalk through it or you could get off and watch and take pictures!


If you look closely here you can see the people tube across the way, behind the shark.

There is a lagoon topside looking down into the massive tank. It also had a see-through floor section. Although I didn't get a picture, it was the first time that I ever have seen a sharks fin cutting through the top of the water. Next time there, I will get a picture


When we left, the entrance was jammed. It looked like we planned this day very well. It was a great visit and we surely will be back and more than once. It's a great place to visit!


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