Sunday 25 August 2013

A Walk Along Lake Ontario

Today Teena and I took the streetcar out to Humber Bay East Park at Park Lawn and Lakeshore and walked back home. It's over six kilometers but was not a power walk but more of a stroll taking pictures.

Many of my photos are not good as my settings were all off but they hopefully capture what we saw today. Some pictures are touched up, something I hate to do as I want to take great pictures, not have be great with Photoshop.

We started at Humber Bay Park East but had always gone out to the point and not walked the north side where there is a butterfly sanctuary. We did not see any butterflies though. Maybe they have already migrated south.

There is a storm water management area that filters storm water through five filters which catch sediment and pollution before flowing into Lake Ontario.

Teena in a good shot of Toronto.

 There was lots of nature along the way.


Humber Bay Bridge is know for the love locks attached to the wires.


A nice place to read.

We saw a a lot of people on these boards. Not too sure what they are called. I love the dog swimming in the bottom shot!


We stopped to eat at the Sunnyside Cafe, which is about my favorite patio in the entire city. I always feel I am away on vacation there with a great view of the city, beach volleyball and all the people laying on the beach. I had a chicken wrap for lunch. It was good. Teena had wings and felt there were too few and over priced.


 There were lifeguards all along the beach but nobody was swimming, so they were a little bored.

 The splash pool was busy though!

This fellow was practicing tightrope walking.

Walking the lake front is always fun. I am looking forward to doing it again before the fall.

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