Thursday 11 April 2013

A Couple of Good Photo's of Our Kids

Teena is currently in Cuba with her sister on their annual spring trip. Whenever she is away, I always will post a picture for her of our two "kids", Crumpet and Morgan on Facebook. Morgan is almost eleven and Crumpet just turned two.

The picture of Crumpet above was taken just as she was finishing a stretch. No flash was used, and I think I caught it well. She has very sleepy eyes.

Below is Morgan. He was sleeping very cutely on the couch and I laid on the floor to take the shot. I had to put up the flash as there was some bad back light from an incandescent behind and above. He woke up and I managed to get a great "yawn" shot. I would have preferred to have taken it with no flash. Maybe next time!

Both are keepers!

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