Monday 3 September 2012

Shooting the Air Show?

We live just north of the Exhibition and always look forward to Labour Day weekend. That's when the airshow comes to town!

It's not as much fun as in the past. There are less fighter jets in the show, the condos that were built to the south of us block much of the sight and noise of them flying over the lake. Out front the trees have grown so it's hard to line up a shot. I found I had just a second or two.

The above picture I took yesterday. The first jet comes thundering low and fast over our place right at 1pm. I was out waiting for it and was facing the wrong way as it banked over the units across the road to my right and blasted past. I did get the shot as disappeared out over the lake.

Today I was ready for him. Ready for that first jet of the day. I waited by the laneway, camera focused on where he flew in yesterday. I heard the roar of the engines as it approached, my fingers ready to click away ... when the damn thing flew past right behind me. Not only did I not get a picture, I never saw it!

Here are some shots that I did get.

As the losing team says in sports, wait until next year!

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