Friday 3 August 2012

An Afternoon at Quidi Vidi Harbour

This afternoon Teena and I took a trip to Quidi Vidi Harbour to visit Quidi Vidi Brewery. More on the brewery in another post as we were not expecting just how beautiful this place would be.

This place is an all natural, beautifully protected harbour sitting just north of St John's on the Atlantic Ocean. The water here is always moving as the harbour is fed from the east by a river that flows from Quidi Vidi Lake into the harbour.

This is a working harbour. When we got there, three fisherman were cleaning and filleting some cod they had just caught. One liked to ham it up for the tourists, trying to get them to kiss the cod. When nobody would. he showed how it is done!

Ever heard of cod tongue? I thought it was a cut from a special spot from the cod, but no, it's, in fact, the cod's tongue!

It is a working harbour as evidenced by all the fishing shacks. Notice how all the shacks are built high on cribs to allow for the tide. 

I thought with it being such an old fishing village, I should do a sepia shot to show what it might have looked many years ago.

A couple was there for their wedding pictures. What a great backdrop!

Finally some more shots of the harbour. Teena and I had planned to do the Quidi Vidi Brewery and then hightail it back into town. Instead we sipped beers while on a picnic bench over looking the harbour, and strolled around taking pictures. The entire afternoon was spent in the area. If you ever go to St John's, you need to take this short side trip. It is beautiful!

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