Tuesday 31 July 2012


After landing with our zodiac, we enjoyed some croissants and coffee and took a tour of Langlade.

It is a small vacation town, with only one restaurant, Chez Janot, and no permanent residents. Most have homes but some do camp. It was quite nice.
Teena takes some shots.
Some more shots of Langlade.
The bridge, which was rebuilt a couple of times, the last time being in the late 90s, and the view from it.
The residents are responsible for collecting their own water. As they all are on generators, there is only wind power to draw water up from a well. Some people use cisterns to collect rain water. This family has a cistern on the roof of the little shack which feeds into their water heater.
After our tour it was time for a delicious lunch and some wine. Afterwards we headed up the isthmus to Miquelon.

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