Thursday 12 April 2012

Photo 101 Class 4, A Photo Walk

Look at this shot. I never thought I would be proud of a picture of fruit or vegetables but here is one!

Today was our fourth Photo 101 class and it involved a walk to St Lawrence Market, St James Park and the corner of Yonge and Richmond. We learned focus and recompose, focus mode, manual focus adjustment and metering. In the shot above, the idea was to highlight the subject while washing out the back ground. I did well in this one and the one below.Here Ingrid explains the technique of recomposition. I know ... it's a camera course so this should be another a much better picture!My pictures from the park were not very good but I volunteered to be the model for the project and here is the shot that Ingrid, our teacher, took of me.We made our way to Yonge and Richmond to learn about creative nighttime shooting. Here are my best two shots. Teena and I are looking forward to using this affect more. Ingrid thought my best shot was the lower one but I love the ghost images in the top one.Looking very forward to next week's class.

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