Saturday 10 December 2011

The Richmond Rogue Alehouse

Every time I come off the Don Valley Parkway to head across Richmond Street to get home, I pass the Richmond Rogue Alehouse.

It always looks like a tempting place to stop in. This evening, after exploring the Toronto Christmas Market, Teena and I sought it out for supper. The picture here is not a great shot as I was frozen when I got there and took the picture in a hurry so I could get inside and get warm.

The Richmond Rogue is a very warm and comfortable place. The bartender was friendly and looked after us well. There were a few TVs around and a private booth with a fireplace and TV.

I am still learning about my new camera so I borrowed these shots of our food from Teena`s post as my shots were horrible. I had wings and rings which were lightly breaded with an excellent sweet chili sauce on the side. I loved it. Teena got the fish and chips. She thought it was just OK and that the fish had too much batter on it.

Not only did they have the usual big brewery beers but also have 6 craft beer on tap.

It`s a nice spot which I will go to whenever in the neighborhood. Going to be hard to drive by it now! Read Teena`s review here.

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