Monday 1 August 2011

The NASA Station???

Every once in awhile I will flip over to watch an interesting program on the NASA channel as I am interested in the world's space program. It is cool to see what is going on way out there!

I usually find the sound pretty bad but tonight when I tuned in to see the weekly update on the International Space Station, I came up with this.

Only one corner of the TV had a picture. You can see the the flash from my camera on the left. Later the program adjusted and for awhile the sound was on and off. 15 minutes in, all was fine!

For a program put on by what should be the most advanced technological facility in the world, they should be able to do better. Hey! They broadcast pictures back from the moon after all!

Once they had everything set, the images were fantastic!

A final note is that I am a firm believer in space exploration and hate the cutbacks. Perhaps if they did better in PR and on this channel they may have some more support.

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