Saturday 4 June 2011

There's a New Kid in Town - Crumpet!

This week Teena posted about the Annex Cat Rescue which has many very young kitties for adoption. All are very cute but she really loved one and called about her. Last night Teena talked with her foster mom, Alexandra, who invited us over to meet Gigi, so off we headed. When we arrived home a couple of hours later, Gigi was with us.

We have renamed her Crumpet. At only eight weeks old, she is very tiny and weighs just a pound and a half.

She is a ball of energy, with a squeaky voice and loves to play. We're having a ball watching her.

Look how tiny she is.
Crumpet took to Teena's laptop right away. Maybe she'll become a blogger.
Teena and Crumpet.
Crumpet feels safe enough in her new home to have a nap. Look at how small she is!
Morgan is unsure about the new addition to the house. Currently he is sulking.
We were told Crumpet likes to sleep on the pillow. She slept above my head all night.

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