Friday 22 April 2011

Calendar Girls at the Royal Alex

Tonight Teena and I went to Calendar Girls at the Royal Alexander Theater in Toronto. I was looking forward to it. The story is very interesting and the movie was fun.

Unfortunately, the play really falls flat.

It was hard to keep my eyes open.

Unlike theater critics, I pay for a play out of my own pocket. When I see I play I don't like, it costs me.

This play did cost me.

The story is flat and very serious. I will say the scene where the ladies are having their pictures taken for the calendar is playful, fun, and inventive. Too bad the rest of the play wasn't.

I thought the acting and production values were good. I believe it fails on the writing. If you have a choice, watch the movie.

The Royal Alex is a beautiful century theater. Every time I am there I see something wonderful. I forgot my camera and asked Teena to take this shot of the mural on the ceiling. An usher came up and told her to stop.

Thanks Teena! Sorry Teena!

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Teena in Toronto said...

Thanks for getting me in trouble :)