Wednesday 30 March 2011

Town Crier Pub / Halfway Beer House Toronto

As I'm taking tomorrow off to celebrate my birthday and Teena is in Montreal on business, I decided to check out a new pub a block away from where I work, the Town Crier Pub/Halfway Beer House.
I had heard they had many beers on tap and was not disappointed. I counted 47 taps but heard there were actually over 50. A great variety too, from different countries and a few Ontario craft beers too. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Of course, I sat at the bar and Sam, the bartender, really seemed to know his beers. He had a few good stories too. I was well served and treated well. Later Toni took over for Sam when his shift was over and she too looked after everyone well. Originally I had intended to have a couple of beers and head home but they had Urthel Hop-it on tap, a delicious beer, very hard to find in Toronto, so I knew there would be a third beer involved and decided to stay to eat.
The woman who was sitting a few seats down ordered a burger with fries which looked great so I decided it looked like a good place to eat and ordered a club sandwich, with fries and no tomatoes. Glad I did. Real chicken and bacon, a Dijon mayo sauce on a fresh bun and it was great.
On Friday nights I enjoy stopping on the way home for a couple of pints, a chance to read, and unwind from my week's work. I am sure the Town Crier Pub will be a regular place for me to do just that.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like a cool place.