Saturday 15 January 2011

Snowshowing at Crawford Lake

Last week Teena and I bought snowshoes and on the way home stopped off at High park for an impromptu trek.

Today we went for our first planned snowshoeing trek at Crawford Lake Conservation area. We have snowshoed there in the past in rented snowshoes with Single Horizons and that got us hooked.

It was great getting out on our own, with our own shoes. We weren't lazy about it either as we we were out there for two and a half hours. The first part of our trek was on groomed trails. We did get a little turned around and somehow doubled back to a trail we had been on before. Note to self ... buy a compass!

The second part was more grueling, taking the yellow "trail" on a loop which followed part of the Niagara escarpment around to a lookout. I put trail in quotations, as it was not much of a trail. We climbed over fallen trees, treaded carefully around and over boulders, up steep hills and back down, following a narrow weaving, winding trail through the forest.

This is not complaining. It was fun taking a fresh trail like that. Once we hit the lookout, we were tired and thankful that the rest of the trip back to the car was on a wide, well-groomed trail.

Buying our own snowshoes was a great idea! It's great exercise, fun to do and gives us a great excuse to get out into the fresh air in the winter.

Can't wait to get out next weekend!

Teena's write up and pix are here.

Teena at the beginning at the trail

The well groomed first trial we were on

Teena after a bit of a tumble

We saw a couple of chickadees

Teena on the yellow trail

Standing on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. It was a great view!

Teena at the lookout

After an exhausting trek, it was good to finish on a well-groomed wide trail

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