Sunday 30 January 2011

Snowshoeing at East Humber Bay Park

Today Teena and I decided to stay inside the city and go snowshoeing at East Humber Bay Park.

It is a place that we like to take KC in the summer. We thought it would be fun to snowshoe it in the winter.

For some reason I thought the gates would be closed and there would be a few trails throughout the park. I was surprised the parking lot was opened and many of the pathways were well groomed. Still Teena and I had a great time trudging around and exploring the park in the winter.

Top left picture note: We stopped and asked a couple to take our picture with the city in the background. The woman said to give the camera to her husband as he is really good. So he walked over bent behind a park bench and took the picture of us ... and the back of the bench. No idea what he was thinking but we did not ask him to take a second shot.

Teena's blog of the day is here.

Teena with Toronto in the background.
Me with Humber Bay and Toronto in behind.
Teena hiking along the trail
A swan and a couple of ducks. Lake Ontario looked very cold.
Lots of birds decided to stay in Humber bay for the winter.

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