Friday 24 December 2010

Christmas Fridge - 2010

Since I decided to really start exploring beer, I have had a lot of variety of beer in our fridge. I must say that Teena is very patient working the groceries around the beer stock and has been firm when I feel we should throw out the milk in order to jam in another new beer that I have discovered.

In last year's Christmas fridge post, I said that "In 2010, one of my goals is to get a beer fridge for the back room so Teena does not have to work around getting all the shopping fitted into the fridge around my beer."

OK, that didn't happen. We redid the back room and cannot figure where a beer fridge might go. So instead we, meaning Teena, is still working around the beer.

This is the third year I have taken stock of the beer in the fridge at Christmas. Interesting to see all that I have to sample over the holidays.

In 2008, I had 7 different beers. In 2009, I had 11 different beers, 12 if you count the two different years for the 2008 and 2009 Fullers Vintage Ale.

This year, it's 11 different beers, 13 if you count the 3 different years for the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Fullers Vintage Ale. Some of it has some volume. This year I am doing it in two categories, old favorites and new brews.

Old Favorites
- King Pilsner
- Flying Monkees Hoptical Illusion
- Mill Street Tankhouse Ale
- Grolsch Lager - Big 1.5 litre bottle - Thanks, Judy and Doug!
- Fullers Vintage Ale, 2008, 2009

New Brews
- Half Pints Stir Stick Stout - Thanks, Teena!
- Lake of Bays Mocha Stout
- Half Pints Little Scrapper IPA- Thanks again, Teena!
- Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale - Once again thanks, Teena!
- Church Key West Coast IPA - Growler -Thanks, Gord!
- Harvey's Bitter - Thanks, Sarah and Joey
- Fullers Vintage Ale 2010.

Teena also has a Keiths IPA.

Sure looking forward to some sampling and posting during our vacation.

Happy Holidays!

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Sarah said...

You look like a happy man in the pic. Enjoy the beer! You remind me of Joey regarding wanting to have another fridge. Joey said he would like to have one next to his side of the bed for food and pop.