Friday 28 May 2010

17 in 17 Weeks - Week 1


Last week was the long weekend.

Last night was my final beer class.

I did not track any of my eating on Weight

I did try to eat healthy though, except Teena will remind me that the breaded chicken sandwich, fries and beer on the Sunnyside Pavilion patio is not really eating healthy.

I figured the scale would be working against me.

Turns out I lost 6/10 of a pound.

The only discipline I did have was exercise. I did at least an hour a day everyday. That stemmed the tide for this wee, but I cannot get away with that every week. I am back to tracking everything that I eat and drink and plan to stay within my parameters. Power walking, hitting the gym, fencing are all gimmies. I'm going to do that anyways.

Tomorrow is Stratford day, which means more eating out and no yoga.

Be interesting to see what next weeks weigh in brings.

Weekly Exercise in Hours 9
Starting Weight 226.2
Weight Last Week 217
Weight This Week 216.4
Weight Loss This Week .6
Total Weight Loss 9.8
Total % Weight Loss 4.33%

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