Friday 16 April 2010

17 in 17 Weeks - Week 2

This was a pretty good week for exercise ... Saturday was Yoga, Sunday Teena and I did a 12K walk, Tuesday was a great gym workout and Wednesday, Nik, my fencing coach worked us hard at practice.

So why was I nervous stepping on the scales this morning?

Last night was my first night in a beer tasting and appreciation course, "From Beer to There". Not what you want to do the night before a weigh in.

I did discover, though, if you do things right the rest of the week, it pays off anyways. So here I am down another 1.4 pounds which exceeds the weekly rate that I set for myself.

When I posted my weight on Weight Watchers online, what did the site have to say? "You lost again this week! Congratulations, and keep doing exactly what you're doing!"

Great! I will. No problems with next Thursday's beer course then!

Weekly Exercise in Hours: 11.5
Weight Loss This Week: 1.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss Since January 1: 11.8 pounds
Total % Weight Loss: 5.22%