Sunday 21 March 2010

Beer of the Week - March 21- Singha Lager

A few weeks ago I found Singha Lager in the LCBO down on Queens Quay. Usually it comes in six packs, which make me leery when buying a beer I have never tried before, but this store had broken up the pack, so out I walked with a couple in my bag.

Teena has accused me of focusing mainly on beers and ales from North America, Europe and England. There is much truth to that and my goal in 2010 was to go more global. So this week it is a beer from Boon Rawd Brewery in Thailand, Singha Lager, one of four beers produced by the brewery. The other three are Singha Light, Thai beer, and Leo Beer.

The brewery was founded in 1933 when Thailand was known as Siam by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi, a noble and successful businessman. He named his brewery "Boon Rawd," after his original Siamese name.

The company is still private, has three breweries, and six soda water and drinking water facilities in Thailand employing over 2,000 employees. They are into sport sponsorship including the Formula 1 racing circuit, co-sponsoring the Red Bull RB6 cars driven by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

And the beer?

It weighs in at 5% APV and pours a straw coloured yellowed into the glass. It had a head, although not a thick one, but the head did surprising stay. I enjoyed the first sip. It is a beer with nice balance and finishes with a pleasant light hoppyness. The other sips were just as pleasing.

This is a good beer, not a great beer, but one I would never turn down. It would be very interesting to see what this one would taste like if I could ever try it on draft. I sure would be in for a pint.

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