Saturday 13 February 2010

Swelling With National Pride

I don't usually watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, summer or winter, but made an exception last night and am glad I did.

I think the organizers put on a fantastic show that showcased our nation very well. Although I wasn't too interested in the artistic portion, the rest of the show was fast paced. I loved how images were projected so well into the show. The images of the whales and how they timed it so the blow holes spouted at exactly the right time was very awesome.

Working the First Nations people into a major part of the event was brilliant. I loved that they were the ones out front who welcomed all the athletes. Too often they are forgotten as being an important part of the Canadian being.

The music was excellent too. I love the fiddle portion, Sara McLaughlin's song and thought Nellie Furtado looked great. Some said that the lip synching was out when she and Bryan Adams sang, but I never noticed

The readings too were excellent, quotes from Canadian writers about our country. One quote stuck with me. It started by talking about the vastness of our country but " Some say what defines us, is something as simple as "please" and "thank you"

It was a worthwhile event to watch. More worthwhile will be the events themselves.

"From whatever continent you have come we welcome you to Canada, a country with a generous heart. We love that you are here. You are among good friends."

Good friends until we meet you on the playing field.

Time to ensure that much of that gold that is up for grabs, stays in Canada. Let's go Canada. Let's rock these Olympic Games!

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