Sunday 31 January 2010

Snowshoeing at Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Today Teena and I did a very Canadian thing ... we went snowshoeing.

We are friends with LeeAnn who is the founder owner of Single Horizons, which put on the event at Crawford Lake Conservation Area.

It was a cold day, -5C with a windchill of -12C, but a nice day to throw on some snowshoes and tramp through the forest.

Teena and I have done this a few times before and always walk away talking about buying our own snowshoes and doing this on our own.

We were out for about an hour and a half and, once back at the Visitor Center, LeeAnn had set up an excellent lunch for us.

Afterward Teena and I went for a walk, snowshoe-free, on the raised bridge that loops around Crawford Lake, built to protect the wildlife and plantation of the area.

It was a great day and, as I write this, my legs are telling me that they had a good workout.

Teena's post about snowshoeing is here, and her post about the walk is here.

Here is Teena as she is putting on her snowshoes.

Here I am along the trail

Teena during our walk on the raised bridge around Crawford Lake

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