Sunday 6 December 2009

NAC - Day 2, A Better Day

This weekend over a thousand well-armed fencers descended on the city of Pittsburgh to compete in 32 different events in the North American Cup(NAC).

All ages were represented in all three weapons in Division 1, plus wheelchair events for all weapons, and my category, Veterans. Yesterday I fenced in Veteran Men's Sabre in the 50-59 age bracket. Today it was the Men's 40 and over.

Yesterday I had issues and was not happy with the way I fenced. Today I was going to be aggressive and fence my game.

I lost my first two matches but wasn't fencing badly ... just had to adjust. Now that I have a few years of experience, I can do that and won the next two matches. I lost my last match in the poole but it was very hard fought. There was only a point or two that was won quickly. I lost but am proud of that match.

I finished the pooles ranked 19th out of 33. My Direct Elimination (DE) did not go so well. I think I could take him next time but he had a move I could not overcome called a Point in Line. I have overcome that move before but this fellow was excellent at it and scored 4-5 touches on me with it. In a 10 point match, this is not a good thing.

So I ended the day 20th in a field of 33. Again I learned a lot and learned what I need to work on. I am happy to say my basic fundamentals are working well.

My friend, Vince, competed in his first NAC. He finished the pooles 1-4 but rallied to take the next two Direct Elimination matches to finish in the top eight. To the right, he is pictured in the top 16 match and below to the left, his last match in the quarter finals.

Congrats, Vince!

I must say that after six tournaments over four weekends in a row, I am tired, sore and ready for a bit of a rest.

But I also can hardly wait till March when I head to Dallas for the next NAC.

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