Friday 27 November 2009

Friday Night In Ottawa

This weekend I am fencing in the Nationals in Ottawa. At 55 I am the oldest and the lowest ranked in the field. It should be a blast, though.

I left work spot on 11AM and made great time to Ottawa and was checked into the Travelodge Ottawa East by 3:45. It is an OK hotel, good for a night, but if I was staying for any longer I would prefer somewhere else. I booked through Hotwire, so got a good rate. If I was paying more, I would be upset.

For supper, I went across the lane to the Broadway Bar and Grill. It is a nice little pub with a friendly bartender. I was hoping for something local on tap knowing there are three good microbreweries in the area but was disappointed as they only had the big brewery beers. I had a couple of Keith's Reds which were cold and nice.

I decided a pizza would go down nice and, yes, that was a good decision as you can see by the picture. Pepperoni, mushroom and bacon cover with a nice layer of mozzarella. Very good and, as I was starved, very filling. Even had enough for later or even breakfast.

I met a fellow at the bar named Roy who is moving to Ottawa but has to stay in the hotel for five days with his wife waiting for closing. We talked about fencing and golf. He had always wanted to try fencing and but his schedule always conflicted with start-up classes. Now that he is moving to Ottawa for good, he says he wants to give it a go and liked what I had to say about sabre. As he is in his forties, maybe I will be meeting him on the piste in the future.

After I went back to the room, I changed and went for a swim. I was so looking forward to a hot tub but, as you can see, it sadly is no more. It is boarded where it used to reside. The heated salt water pool was very nice, though.

So here I am ... feed, relaxed and watching an old Chinese Jackie Chan movie, "Rumble in the Bronx". I always liked his old stuff, before he came to the States. The outtakes at the end are always the best.

As it will be an early morning tomorrow, I am off to bed by ten. After all, the Nationals await me.


Teena in Toronto said...

That's too bad about the hot tub!

The pizza looks good!

Lord of the Wings said...

Welcome (belated) back to Ottawa! That hot tub really does suck - I bet you could have made good use out of it after the tourney.

I have yet to eat at Broadways . . . good to know the pizza is good.

And Rumble in the Bronx: I too enjoyed pre-America Jackie Chan.