Monday 28 September 2009

The Drive for 205

For a month, I have been half-assed trying to drop some pounds, but admittedly was not that serious about it.

Now it's game time. Teena is on program and so am I.

We are not dieting, though. Years ago we did Weight Watchers online and it worked. It focuses on eating properly and healthy. It's a life style change, not a diet. We are not tracking our points online as we already know the program, what is healthy and what is not. So we are going to eat healthy, live healthy and hit the gym.

It's a lifestyle change rather than a diet and, yes, beer is allowed.

On December 5th I go to Pittsburgh for two Veteran fencing events for the North American Cup (NAC). I am 224 now and I figure should be able to lose at least 19 pounds in 10 weeks ... a tich less than two pounds per week.

Weigh-ins are Fridays.

Today I hit the gym for an hour. Tomorrow I hit the gym for a quick half hour session before walking to work. After work, it's a walk home and then a two hour fencing practice and my coach, Nik, works us hard.

The Drive for 205 by December 5 is on!

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