Sunday 7 September 2008

The Growler

This week Teena and I made a visit to the Granite Brewery , a brewpub on Mount Pleasant at Eglinton.

I had a chance to sample a few of their fine brews on tap. Along with their brewed on site draught were two cask ales. The prices are good, the staff is friendly and their beer is excellent.

There will be a return visit.

I had a chuckle over a picture on the bar of a few of our troops in Afghanistan standing in front of a mean looking piece of artillery and holding up a huge sign which read "WE MISS PECULIAR". They are referring to Peculiar ale which is brewed by Granite, which also was my favorite of the day.

I wanted to bring home some Peculiar and found that not only could I buy a six pack at the store but also a "Growler". A Growler is a 1.9 litre bottle which holds about 5 and a half bottles of beer.

It is not designed for long term storage and my bottle was good only until October 3rd. Also the beer should be consumed within 12 hours of opening.

So I brought home a Growler of Peculiar. I found the beer as fresh and tasty as it was at the pub and had no trouble in ensuring that it was consumed within 12 hours of opening.

After all, I didn't want to break any rules!

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Teena in Toronto said...

And since your growler is now gone, you succeeded!