Saturday 18 February 2023

heart strings by Clarice Goetz

I just finished reading, heart strings, a poetry collection by Canadian poet, Clarice Goetz.

In her debut collection, heart strings, Clarice Goetz delivers emotionally candid poetry and prose that detail the aftermath of a significant heartbreak. With original, evocative illustrations, this melancholy narrative is written through the many stages of loss, and the tethers that bind us to those we've lost. Let the words meet you wherever you are. 

Let its pages be a place of comfort — a hug in book form. Let it heal your heart, and bring you back home to yourself.

The poems in heart strings are clearly about a woman who's long time relationship has ended. Goetz is heartbroken and throughout the book is working through her feelings. You can see her improvement as the book goes on.

I don't usually read poetry, but as I'm currently also reading a biography on Pauline Johnson, it put me in a mood for this book. Mind you, I would only read 4-5 a day as any more, I found, would cause my mind to wander.

Goetz's poetry is beautiful, and emotional. The drawings which accompany many of her poems were also done by the author. If you enjoy poetry, you'll enjoy heart strings.


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