Thursday 15 May 2014

George Thorogood and the Destroyers at Massey Hall

It seems that George Thorogood comes to Massey Hall in Toronto every second year and we go see him ... and why not! Thorogood always puts on a great high energy show and Massey Hall is the best place in the city to see a concert.

Tonight Teena and I made the pilgrimage on a rainy night to see Thorogood once again.

As always, Thorogood and the Destroyers put on a hell of a show. A blues band from Kansas City, Trampled Under Foot, opened the show with a half hour set and were really good. Then after a half hour intermission, on came George!

Thorogood is not only a great guitar player but also a great showman. He owns the stage when he is on it and I enjoy the way he entices the fans to applaud and eats it all up. The crowd loved it when he told the how his nineties song  Haircut (Get a haircut and get a real job, Clean your act up and don't be a slob) became his only number one song on the radio,and that was in Canada!

He played all the old favorites, as usual. After all that's what Teena and I and the rest of the crowd came to hear. At 64 years old, he played a high energy, nonstop show.

Should he come back to Toronto again, sure enough Teena and I will be there again!

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