Thursday 24 January 2013

The Bellwoods Brewery Retail Store

When I heard there was a brewery opening up on Ossington Ave, in our neighborhood, I was ecstatic.

Fresh craft beer just a short walk away from where we live!

Once Bellwoods Brewery opened in the spring and we stopped by for our first visit, I discovered just how lucky I really am.  The beer was fabulous and we were treated well by the staff and the co-owners Mike Clark and Luke Pestl.

I have a terrible time with names and I am always impressed that each time I go, they both remember my name. Not only that, they always ask about Teena whom they have only met twice.

Since their opening, Bellwoods has been working on putting in extra tanks next door and building a retail store. Over the summer, they have had "pop-up" sales of their stock for a few hours at a time. I have made a couple trips but many times the timing was that I was away when they were on.

This will no longer be a problem for yesterday the store opened up full time seven days a week. Tomorrow night they will be opened from 5pm 'til 11pm but as of Saturday, they will click into their regular hours of noon to 11pm and Sunday the more LCBO friendly noon to 6pm (note: bring your own bag or box).

I have a small beer fridge and headed over tonight to pick up a half dozen beer but came away with a dozen. My box was filled with:

4 Common (Dry Hopped Session Ale, 4.1% ABV) - when first brewed in the spring it was 5% ... looking forward to this as a great Sunday beer

3 Roman Candle (IPA, 6.8% ABV) - I had to bring home some IPA!

2 Monogamy (Nelson Sauvin, Single Hope Pale Ale Series, 6.4% ABV) - this uses a hop that is no longer available to them

2 Petal Head (Dry Hopped Saison, 6.1% ABV)

1 Blitzen (BOTTLE CONDITIONED Spiced Saison, 10.7% ABV) - a strong Belgian saison spiced with cloves, tangerines and kaffir lime leaves

Now that it is opened full-time, I will be making more frequent stops. In the meantime, I have a dozen 650 oz bottles to try.

Luke took me to the back to show the new tanks. They have knocked a wall out between the old brewery and the new tanks for better access. They are also working at installing another washroom to be ready for the summer when the patio opens. 

Teena:  Luke remembered that you had the common in the spring and liked it. He feels it may be too hoppy for you now. He also says to say hello!

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Teena in Toronto said...

No doubt I'll find something I like there :)