Wednesday 12 December 2012

Toronto Architecture - The Concourse Building

I was walking to work along Adelaide West, looked up and saw these Thunderbirds built into the top 16th floor of the building. I have seen this building before and thought it was cool. Then looking around the top of the building, I saw more beautiful colourful designs built in.

I just had to come back at lunch to take some pictures.

The Concourse Building stands at 100 Adelaide St W and was built back in 1928. It stands on a corner lot and 2 sides have great colourful designs and the west side has the Thunderbirds. Here is the view from Bay and Adelaide looking to the top east side of the building.
Here is the south side
Now, I don't know architecture but this is supposed to be an excellent example of Art deco and one of the few left in the city.
The doorway is quite colourful too.
In researching this building I found out there were plans to tear it down, plans that were approved by City Hall. What the hell were the dopes on council thinking. Now according to an article on Blog TO there are plans to just save the east and south facade and build an ugly building around it, and yes, it is ugly.

If your in the neighborhood of First Canadian Place, the building is across the street from it on the north side. Stop by, have a look and see why this would be such a shame.

Torontoist also has an article on this very bad idea.

Here is a look at the building the way it used to look and the way Oxford envisions it! Good God! What an ugly mess they want to make of such a good looking building. Bastards!

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