Saturday 24 November 2012

Maggie's 50th Birthday Party

Rick and Maggie are friends of ours who live in Stoney Creek.

This weekend Maggie hit another milestone. She turned 50! Rick decided a couple of weeks ago to throw her a surprise party. I never thought he could pull it off. You see, we all would meet outside their house, then come in and surprise her.

I saw a few holes with the plan.

Rick had told Maggie he would take her out to a nice restaurant so she dressed up nice. He said they would head out around 7:45pm. Meanwhile about 20 of us, friends, family, her sons, all gathered outside on the front lawn. Then he went out the back door, saying he would go and warm up the car. He gathered us together, we crowded by the front door, and Rick rang the bell.

The look on Maggie's face was priceless! I could not believed that this, the simplest of all plans worked!

We poured into the house and in minutes the tables were full of food and drink all brought in from the cars outside.

It was a fun night. I do believe she was overwhelmed having everyone show up.

The real fun time will come this morning, when they have to clean up all the mess.

Happy 50th, Maggie!

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