Friday 23 March 2012

Dinner with Jeff at the Twisted Kilt

Jeff was my manager for three years before moving on to another opportunity and I enjoyed working for him.

It has been a few months since he left and it was time to catch up so we agreed to meet at the Twisted Kilt for supper. I have always enjoyed this pub. It has a great feel, great service, great food and an excellent selection of beer.

When I went in tonight, I saw that they had 3 cask handles assigned to 3 different Ontario brewers but was disappointed to find that they were not yet hooked up.

The food was excellent. Jeff ordered Butter Chicken, which was one of their specials and thought it was great. I ordered a flat bread pesto chicken pizza. It was topped with cheddar cheese which surprised me as I expected mozzarella but still it was excellent. Jeff and I returned the plates back empty.

As I said, their draught selection is excellent. Jeff stayed with lagers and pilsners while I started with a Samuel Adams Boston Lager, followed by a Czechvar, a Black Oak Pale Ale and finished with the well balanced hoppy Mad Tom.

It was a fun night, hearing what he is doing now, talking beer and having some pints. I am looking forwarded to doing this again in the future. It is too easy to lose track of people.

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