Wednesday 15 June 2011

The Beer Boutique

Last night the Beer Boutique opened up in Liberty Village. We happen to live in Liberty Village so after work tonight off I went to have a look.

The Beer Boutique is going to let you get to know beer in a whole new way. We’ll still be offering our vast selection of beer products... but you’ll also enjoy regular tasting and pairing events, where you can discover new brands and foods that taste great with them. It’s a beer lover’s dream come true, right?

The other thing that makes this store different from our other retail locations is that it’s all self-serve, so you can take your time and browse to your heart’s content. For those who don’t want to carry a 2-4 on the subway, we’ll be offering smaller cases as well as a eight-pack cardboard carrier if you want to mix and match. And here’s some good news for those of you who are as eco-conscious as we are (or for those who don’t have a vehicle) – our Liberty Village flagship store is easy to access by public transit.

Being a new store, everything is so clean and every shelf perfectly lined up. I was very impressed with the staff who were friendly, willing to help and proud to give a tour of the store.

There is a large selection of international beers but currently only a small selection of Ontario craft beer. I was told there are some issues being worked out in that area, as to see what sells, what doesn't and the fact that the LCBO has exclusive rights on some of the products. Didn't know that.

I do like the concept of the store and if they keep up, add to the variety and keep their customer service levels to the standards set today, I surely keep going back.

PS: I came away with a 4 pack of Ruddles County English Ale.

Down the right is the international section with the craft beer section on the corner. To the left is selves of the big brewery beer.

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Teena in Toronto said...

It would have been tragic to come home empty handed!