Sunday 24 April 2011

Black Creek Pale Ale

Yesterday Teena and I went on a 3 brewery tour with the Toronto Beer Lovers group. It was a great day! One of the breweries we hit was Trafalgar Brewing in Oakville. After having a great tour there I left with 2 bottles of Black Creek Pale Ale.

Trafalgar operates the brewery up in Black Creek Pioneer Village. The beer brewed there is done using the same methods as was done in the 1830's. The brew in extremely small batches and sells their beer from Black Creek in Growlers. Trafalgar also brews the Black Creek brand from their main facility.

I enjoy the Black Creek line and was looking forward to trying the Pale Ale. It pours a deep amber colour. With lots of lacings along the inside of the glass. I really enjoy this beer. It is excellently flavoured and hopped. I great bitterness throughout, lingering well into the finish.

When these two are done, I can foresee more making a visit to my fridge someday.

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