Saturday 12 March 2011

NAC Detroit - Checking Out the Area

Today I drove down to Detroit as tomorrow morning (10:30) and Monday morning (8AM gasp!), I am fencing in 2 North America Cup (NAC) events.

These are huge tournaments and for this one 1,865 fencers are entered. I am staying at a hotel which is about a 5 minute walk from the Centre which is hosting the tournament. It a very nice room and I am going to enjoy the king sized bed!

Downtown Detroit is what I expected it to be. Empty, dingy and depressed. Still I am glad I am staying close to the venue. It saves a lot of hassle. It also makes it easier for me to get to the venue and have all my equipment checked and, yes, it all passed!

I looked around at teeshirts and talked to a few people I know. Then I watched a couple of friends fence in the first elimination round.

Tomorrow I fence in Men's Sabre 40 and over, and bright and early Monday morning it is Men's Sabre 50-59 age group. I injured my elbow and have practiced very little while it recovered. Hopefully tomorrow I can get all the rust off and fence well Monday. Be interesting to see how it all goes.

Heather, on the left, attacks with a nice lunge to score the point

Kristina, on the left, parries an attack. She lost 15-14 in a thriller

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Teena in Toronto said...

I'm envious of that bed! See, you had lots of room for Morgan!