Saturday 5 February 2011

Snowshowing at Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Since buying snowshoes, Teena and I have discovered so many excellent places to go to snowshoeing and places to go back to and hike in the summer.

Today we headed out to Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville, about a 30 minute drive from home.

This morning was bright but I had a physio appointment for my arm so we didn't head out 'til the afternoon and, judging by the way the sky looked, snow was coming.

Bronte Creek has lots of trails for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Today we choose the Lookout Ravine Trail that took us along the edge of the valley which Bronte Creek runs. It was not a well-marked trail and we ended up at one point hiking across a huge cornfield and having to clamber, snowshoes and all, through a hole in the fence. It was good we did, though, as it meant in the end we did a circular route.

We were out for two hours and figure, according to the map, trekked over 5km. It was a scenic trail which we enjoyed hiking. We also met quite a few very nice people along the way. We do plan to go back one weekend and hike the Trillium Trail and the Half Moon Valley Trail which takes you down around the floor of the valley and Bronte Creek.

Teena and I are both enjoying snowshoeing. It gets us out into the fresh air instead of hibernating all winter and it is great exercise. Another benefit for today was that Bronte Creek is only 5km away from the Judge and Jury, our favorite pub in Burlington. We both finished the day with huge chicken wings, great macaroni and cheese, which we washed down with a Moosehead.

All and all a great day out! View Teena's blog post here.

We saw a few Cardinals along the wayThis picture does not show how steep the valley wall is
Teena in action along the trail
There was a peacock enclosure and hut at the end of our trek. We bought some seeds from the dispenser to entice them out of the hut.

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